Electrostatic Flocking
Using the latest electrostatic application equipment, Autoflock MotoRSport is able to offer an industry leading service for your flocking requirements. With years of experience in resin technologies and electrostatics we can offer the most durable and flawless finish to any panel or component.

All parts are fully degreased and primed prior to the application of adhesive. An electrostatic charge is then applied to the nylon fibres and simultaneously the part is subjected to an electrostatic charge, creating an earth/circuit enabling the flocking process to begin. After flocking, the item is then subjected to radiant heat to allow a full cure, giving the most durable finish.

There are no colour charts available as all colours are mixed to the customers needs. We can match any tone either by Pantone/RAL code or by a swatch sent by the customer. For images of our work please click the link below.
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